Sustainable use of soil as a resource

NRP 68 publishes its overall synthesis report.

NRP 68 set out to lay the groundwork for the sustainable use of soil as a resource. Five teams of authors have drawn together the results from 25 research projects and four focal studies in five thematic synthesis reports. The overall synthesis report is based on these publications and further literature. It focuses on selected key topics derived from the research results as well as from intense dialogue with stakeholders within and outside the research community. The key messages and recommendations of NRP 68 were elaborated by the Steering Committee.

The report focuses on the natural functions of soil and its services to society. It presents approaches towards a sustainable use of soil in spatial planning, agriculture and forestry management. It makes a proposal of how the missing soil information could be gathered in the next two decades. It also discusses the impact that our consumption habits have on soils abroad. In conclusion, it proposes a path towards sustainable soil policies that emphasises the importance of collaboration between the different stakeholders in the areas of soil use, soil management and soil protection.