Two new faces for NRP 68

Picture Urs Steiger

The "Programmes" division of the National Research Council has elected Urs Steiger as Head of Knowledge Transfer for the National Research Programme "Sustainable Use of Soil as a Resource" (NRP 68). In addition, the programme has been given a new logo.

​Urs Steiger has a geography degree (dipl. Natw. ETH Zurich) and manages an office for scientific and administrative communication in the area of urban planning and the environment. As head of knowledge transfer, his most important task will be to communicate the results of NRP 68 to interested persons and organisations. The main target groups include farmers, foresters, cantonal and federal authorities as well as advisory offices for environmental protection and spatial and infrastructural development.

Changes to land use and natural threats to soil and its function as an ecosystem are particularly pertinent to Switzerland with its dense population and scarce soil resources. Although soil plays a central role in many areas, it is mostly considered as a two-dimensional surface to be used in different ways. The aim of NRP 68 is to convey a more three-dimensional understanding of soil as an ecosystem with highly diverse functions and to develop a network of contacts among the various experts and stakeholders. In practice, this is expected to contribute towards a more transdisciplinary approach to soil as a resource.

In addition, NRP 68 has been given a new visual identity: the new multimedia logo establishes an instant link to the topic of the NRP, triggers positive associations and should increase the NRP's recognisability among the stakeholder groups.

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