Newsletter NRP 68 – September 2017
Starting the NRP 68 overall synthesis with Malik Syntegration®
"How can we shape, develop and steer the sustainable use of soil as a resource in Switzerland?” This question is the point of departure for the Malik Syntegration® process at the end of November, to which we have invited high-profile guests.
"Burden Balancing" project completed
Sustainable soil use could be promoted by a resource-oriented soil policy, and by connecting the ecological and economic balancing mechanisms.
"Soil Bacteria" project completed
First study ever investigated the occurrence of Pseudomonas bacteria and their activity in different agricultural soils. Some Pseudomonas groups have a strong potential to act as bio-control organisms.
"COMET-Global" project completed
Tool for greenhouse gas accounting at farm-level developped. Composted organic manure and reduced tillage cuts down the net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions without any loss in yields.
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