Newsletter NRP 68 – July 2017
Soils and their contribution to ecosystem services
The factsheet "Soils and their contribution to ecosystem services" shows how soil ecosystem services and soil properties and functions are linked with the benefits derived by humans and the impact exerted by the latter.
"Early warning system" project completed
A newly developed monitoring tool for agriculturally exploited soils enables detection of increased chemical inputs.
"Forest soils" project completed
Swiss forest soils store on average 143 tonnes of carbon per hectare, approximately 20 percent more than contained in the living biomass. Carbon stocks are highest in soils on the south side of the Alps.
"Cover crops" project completed
Leguminosae, particularly field peas and vetches, that are grown as cover crops between two main crops, suppress weeds efficiently and produce more nutrients for successive crops.
"Vulnerability indicators" project completed
Radio carbon measurements of organic matter in the topsoil and subsoil of several forest locations point to very similar carbon dynamics in non-waterlogged soils as well as to old, presently stable carbon stocks in the subsoil.
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Soil function assessment methods for quantifying the contributions of soils to ecosystem services. (accepted).

A coproduction on the soil function evaluation methods used in the "Early warning system" and "Soil maps" projects has been accepted under the Land Use Policy.

   Determination of grassland use intensity based on multi-temporal remote sensing data and ecological indicators

Evaluation of a series of RapidEye images taken under the "Early warning system" project in 2013 in Canton Zurich at various times in the growth phase.

   Reconstruction of Historic Forest Cover Changes Indicates Minor Effects on Carbon Stocks in Swiss Forest Soils

Publikation des Projekts "Waldböden": das Waldalter zeigt im Vergleich zum Klima, zur Bodenchemie und zu den Baumarten geringe Auswirkungen auf den Bodenkohlenstoffvorrat.

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