Thematic Synthesis TS5: Towards a sustainable soil policy


The thematic synthesis focuses on the political aspects of soil use. It presents potential measures and tools for devising sustainable soil policies and draws up recommendations.

Background (completed research project)

The question as to how soil can be used sustainably as a resource (transformation knowledge) is linked to another question: what kind of political framework is needed to achieve sustainable use? Different projects have studied steering mechanisms for spatial planning, or for climate policies and agriculture, and drawn up the relevant recommendations.


The aim of the synthesis is to summarise the results of the relevant projects of NRP 68 and provide stepping stones on the path to sustainable soil policies. The results are underpinned and enhanced by other studies and documents.


This thematic synthesis is an important supplement to the " Soil Strategy Switzerland" devised by the Federal Office for the Environment together with other federal offices and the cantons. It provides valuable input with regard to the implementation of the strategy.


Sustainable soil use should ensure the long-term preservation of undeveloped land (quantitative) and soil functions (qualitative). The thematic synthesis summarises the corresponding results from the projects of NRP 68 and other studies and deduces a "Roadmap for a sustainable soil policy" for Switzerland from the measures that reduce the loss of soil quantity and quality.

Project lead

Felix Walter, Ecoplan



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